An elegant and refined version of a medium bodied, off dry style Muscat. It is extremely fragrant in the nose (white peach, honeysuckle, pink grapefruit, apple blossom, elderflower), and intensely flavored and well balanced on the palate, with a very long finish, and an aftertaste that lingers for nearly half a minute. The wine’s beautifully vibrant acidity and slight sweetness make it perfect for food pairings. It pairs exceptionally well with lighter cuisine: poultry, fish, and pasta dishes with white sauces.

Residual sugar: 8,1 g/l
Alcohol: 11.5 %
Acidity: 7,4 g/l

2600 Ft

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Élethárs • Sweet

Intense floral character: clean, well-defined aromas of pineapple, white peach, ripe pear. Also a little bit of sage, lemongrass, white pepper, and the flavor of ripe rosehip berries. The wine lingers for a long time in the mouth and ends with a nice, crisp finish. You can enjoy it on its own, also goes great with cheeses, venison dishes, ham. Traditional press, stainless steel fermentation and aging, bottled with screw cap

Residual sugar: 76 g/l
Alcohol: 12 %

3100 Ft

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Kövérszőlő 2012 Late Harvest

An ancient and now again official grape variety of Tokaj that was rediscovered recently. It gives wonderful aszú berries but also before botrytisation it can ripen with high residual sugar and great aroma. In the nose this wine is bursting with fresh fruit: ripe pear, pineapple, and banana, – characteristic of the varietal Kövérszőlő. Higher residual sugar due the the later harvest time, but the lower alcohol and the lack of barrel aging make the wine extremely easy drinking. Nice balance, soft and spicy finish, a great pairing with cheeses.

We harvested the grape for this wine mid-October in the Sajgó vineyard (compact clay soil with a base stone of rhyolithe. The juice was pressed in a traditional Kossuth press then fermented and aged in stainless steel. No barrel-aging.

Residual sugar: 90 g/l
Alcohol: 11.5 %
Acidity: 5,2 g/l

2900 Ft

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Tokaji Late Harvest 2011

The vintage 2011 was exceptionally beautiful for late harvest sweet wines in Tokaj. This sweet wine of Erzsébet Pince is made from the indigenous Furmint grape of Tokaj, and comes from one of the most important historical grand crus of the region: Király vineyard in the commune of Mád.
The wine has beautiful structure and great balance: strong honey notes in the nose, along with abundant citrus, orange, and pineapple aromas. On the palate, it has luscious peach jam flavors, with nuances of fresh flowers, mango, and ginger. It has crisp acidity, a lingering finish. The wine was aged in new and older Hungarian oak barrels (225 l) for 8 months.
Its refreshing acidity and elegance make the wine an ideal choice as an aperitif or to serve it with cheese, foie gras, or dessert at the end of the meal.

• Alcohol: 9.5%
• Residual sugar: 128 g/l
• Acidity: 5,7 g/l

3100 Ft

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Estate Furmint

This wine is 100% Furmint from Tokaj, a blend of four wonderful crus (Betsek, Király, Zafír, and Pécsi). The great character of this wine, the rich aroma, minerality, and structure are contributed by the volcanic rockiness of Betsek dűlő, the strong savory character of Király dűlő, the old vines of Pécsi, and the loess-perlite soil of Zafír. Not to forget the vintage of 2015 which is one of the greatest dry-wine years in the past decades.
We used traditional vertical presses to gently press the juice, then fermented and aged the components for this wine in used Hungarian oak barrels (225 l) for 6 months.
Notes of peach, pear, citrus fruit, hints of tropical fruit. Long finish, great balance.

• Alcohol: 13%
• Residual sugar: 7,6 g/l
• Acidity: 7,2 g/l

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Zafír dűlő • Furmint-Hárslevelű

The wines from the Zafir vineyard are about elegance, nuance, and finesse. They are generally lighter bodied and less intense than those from Kiraly and Betsek, but sometimes equal—or surpass—them in terms of refinement. Zafir produces wines with characteristic floral-fruity aromas and flavors that are reminiscent of orange blossom and white peach, with overtones of pear, honeydew melon, lime, and grapefruit.
Our 2012 Zafír dűlő was selected Best Furmint at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2015, and won a double gold.
Our family planted the vineyard in 1999, mostly Furmint and Hárslevelű. The soil is a mix of loess and brown forest soil on perlite.

• Alcohol: 12,5%
• Residual sugar: 5,4 g/l
• Acidity: 7,5 g/l

Historical Premier Cru – Tarcal

6000 Ft

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Cuvée Camilla 2010

This delicious late harvest wine is made primarily of the Hárslevelű grape. Named after the daughter of the Winery’s owner and her husband Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine. Wiegand moved from Napa to Tokaj in 2010, when they married and Camilla is their first child. This is an amazing dessert wine with intense aromas of fresh pear, peach jam, linden honey, and candied lemon. On the palate, it is supple, velvety, and rich, a medium bodied wine with a long, crisp finish. A well balanced late harvest in a refreshing style with 3 plus years of further aging potential thru 2015.

• Alcohol: 9.5%
• Residual sugar: 104 g/l
• Acidity: 7,6 g/l

3600 Ft

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Édes Szamorodni 2013

• Alcohol: 12%
• Residual sugar: 95 g/l
• Acidity: 7,2 g/l

4600 Ft

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Betsek dűlő

This wines is special for several reasons. The terroir is a beautiful historical grand cru with a heavily rocky clay soil. And this wine is made from a grape that the wine region has very little of: Kabar. 100% Kabar. Kabar is a cross of Hárslevelű and Bouvier. The aromas of this wine are reminiscent of the Hárslevelű grape, strong floral notes, honey, and some tropical fruit. The structure and the richness comes from Furmint daddy. A traditional vertical pressing was followed by fermentation in barrel, and a 6-month long barrel-aging.
We made one barrel of this wine.

• Alcohol: 14%
• Residual sugar: 8 g/l
• Acidity: 6,3 g/l

Historical Grand Cru – Mád

9000 Ft

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Király dűlő 2016 • 100% Furmint

Our parcel in this wonderful historical Grand Cru that used to belong to the king is a southern slope with rhyolite bed rock and a red clay soil. This high-lying parcel gives depth, structure, and strong character to our single-vineyard Király dűlő. The family owns exactly 1 hectare here, 0.75 ha planted in 1992, and 0.25 hectare planted in the spring of 2012. 100% Furmint.
2015 is a complex, rich, ageable wine that expresses the exceptional terroir so well. Aromas of pear, fresh apple, white peach, vanilla, subtle oak. Beautiful balance on the palate, crisp, long-lasting finish that suggests a long aging potential. When to drink it? As soon as possible as it will sell out!

• Alcohol: 13%
• Residual sugar: 4,3 g/l
• Acidity: 7,3 g/l

Historical Grand Cru – Mád

12000 Ft

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Király dűlő MAGNUM 2016

Limitált mennyiségben rendelhető!

26000 Ft

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Tokaji Aszú 2010 • 6 puttonyos

Winemaking: we picked the aszú berries throughout September-October (one picker can pick 1 kg an hour), we soaked the aszú berries in a fermenting base wine then aged the wine in new Hungarian oak barrels from the Zemplén (225-liter) for 24 months. For pressing the aszú we used traditional, vertical basket presses. The wine is 100% Furmint from Király dűlő.
Tasting notes: an extremely young wine at the moment. Drinks wonderfully today, but a wine that can age for 60+ years and will only get better and better. It has intense fresh fruit notes, tropical fruit, mango (the first layer of the aszú aroma profile, the next layers (dried fruit, jam..) build on through aging in the bottle!!), apricot, peach skin, intense citrus, orange peel, candied lamon, butterscotch. Extreme richness with a sugar free extract of 51 g/l, low alcohol, crisp acidity, and a very long finish.
Vintage: Rainy year, difficult vintage for dry wines, but long, sunny autumn, great botrytis, wonderful aszús made.
Accolades: 5-star Wine of Excellence 2015

Residual sugar: 180,5g/l
Alcohol: 9,7 %
Acidity: 9,5 g/l

24.000 Ft

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Tokaji Aszú 2013 6 puttonyos

Vintage: a great vintage for rich and concentrated, ageable aszú wines. A vintage to look for. To make this wine, we selected the botrytised berries berry by berry, one by one. An extremely labor-intensive process but yielding superb quality at the end. We macerated the aszú berries in a late harvest fermenting base wine for about 15 hours, then put them in small French oak barrels for 2 years. The result is a super-concentrated yet balanced botrytis sweet wine with a long aging potential but also ready to be enjoyed now. These wines are time-capsules, you can drink them now or put them aside and give it to your grandchildren to recall the year 2013 through the aromas and flavors of this extraordinary wine.
Aging potential: through 2060 or on.

Residual sugar: 225 g/l
Alcohol: 9 %
Acidity: 8,2 g/l

24.000 Ft

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2003 Aszúeszencia – Decanter Gold London 2009

Aroma profile: 2003 was a great vintage and this wine nicely highlights this with its intense nose of fresh, ripe figs, peach, quince and a nice fresh cream character, with some spiciness (ginger, rose, pepper). The acidity of the wine is very lively; a solid backbone that supports the wine’s high residual sugar content. The complex finish lingers on forever in the mouth. This wine has exceptional aging potential (see below) and received a gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards this year (2009).
Vintage: Vintage 2003 was exceptionally warm and dry in the Tokaj Foothills, as it was throughout most of Europe. Grapes ripened early and healthily; botrytis came relatively late. October was quite rainy and accelerated the development of botrytis cinerea. Harvest was looking great, but early frosts and snow delayed the conclusion and gave a little headache to growers and producers. All in all, this vintage gave wonderful botrytis berries all around the Tokaj Wine Region, and complex, exciting wines were made, with excellent aging potential.
Optimal Drinking: The 2003 is a great wine, and still extremely young. From this point, it will develop for at least the next 10-20 years (through 2030), and will likely hold for 10-20 years after.

Residual sugar:199g/l
Alcohol: 9,7%
Acidity: 10,5 g/l

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